Welcome to our comprehensive list of AI resources for educators! As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to transform various industries, it’s important for educators to stay up-to-date with the latest AI trends and developments. Our curated list includes a range of resources that can help you incorporate AI into your curriculum and teaching practices, regardless of your experience with the technology.

Check out Dr. Finley’s Blog Post about AI

AI Presentation by Amanda Perry & Robin Finley

AI Articles

General AI in Education

ChatGPT in Education

Ethics and Policy

AI Detectors & Plagarism

Practical Applications


Creating an AI Policy

  1. AI Draft Policy Working Document – Document created from multiple resources to help you create your own
  2. Creating an AI District and Classroom Policy Working Document – By TeachingTIME
  3. Focus on the Assessment Construct- Stoplight Method – By Teacher Directed AI
  4. How to Create a Responsible Use Policy for AI – By TCEA Tech Notes
  5. States Slow to Give Guidance on How Teachers, Schools Should Use AI – By The 74
  6. Writing School AI Policies Use these 10 Resources – By Ditch That Textbook
  7. AI Prompts for Students- Pete Dunford
  8. The AI Assessment Scale- A Tool for GenAI Assessment

AI Tutoring Systems

  1. Khanmigo- BETA – A beta service from Khan Academy
  2. Kiwi – Offers videos; vetting recommended
  3. Trellis – Currently has a waiting list

Educational Blog Posts and Articles

  1. What AI Can’t Do: Yet Exploring the Limits – Discusses the limitations of AI in education
  2. Chat GPT Prompt Library for Educators – A library of prompts for educators to use with ChatGPT
  3. 160 Best ChatGPT Prompts for Teachers – From UnlockAIPrompts.com, a selection of prompts specifically for teachers
  4. 60 Plus Education-Friendly AI Prompts
  5. How AI is Making a Difference in Education – Microsoft AI for Good Blog
  6. Educational AI Platforms – Microsoft AI Blog
  7. Teaching Generative AI with Google – Free Courses Google-TCEA Blog
  8. When to use AI to create videos in elearning

Lesson Planning and Rubrics

  1. Prompts for Lesson Planning with ChatGPT – TCEA Tech Notes article on using prompts for lesson planning
  2. How to Create a Rubric with ChatGPT – TCEA Tech Notes article on creating rubrics using ChatGPT
  3. Using ChatGPT in Math Lesson Planning-Edutopia
  4. How ChatGPT Can Help with Grading-TCEA Tech Notes
  5. AI Lesson Planning Guide – From Chat GPT
  6. Building Impactful Lessons with ChatGPT-Wakelet
  7. How ChatGPT Can Help with Grading-TCEA Tech Notes

Specific AI Tools

  1. 10 AI Tips & Prompts for Educators and Administrators – Class Intercom
  2. 10 AI Tools Beyond ChatGPT That Can Save Teachers Time – Tech Learning: Teaching and Learning
  3. 10 Best AI Tools for Education – Unite.AI
  4. 30 AI Tools to Use for the Classroom – Ditch That Textbook
  5. 35 Best AI Extensions for Google Chrome – Educational Technology
  6. 5 AI Tools To Try (August)-TCEA
  7. 5 AI Tools To Try (July) – TCEA
  8. 5 AI Tools to Try (May)-TCEA
  9. 5 AI Tools to Try (Curipod Video) – TCEA
  10. 5 AI Tools to Try (March) – TCEA
  11. 5 AI Tools to Try June 23
  12. 60 + Education -Friendly AI Prompts
  13. 9 Free AI Tools Every Teacher Should Know About (no tech skills required) – Quialize Blog
  14. AI Tools and Resources for the Classroom – Lucidchart
  15. AI in Schools – A Comprehensive Guide – Edutopia
  16. An Extensive List of Free AI Tools for Education – eSchoolNews
  17. Best AI Tools for Educational Research – SAGE Journals
  18. Classroom AI Tools: An Educator’s Guide – The Teachers Lounge
  19. How to Use AI Tools in Your Classroom – eSchoolNews
  20. Integrating AI in the Classroom: Best Practices – Taylor & Francis Online
  21. Using AI in Classroom Management
  22. Citing Generative AI-Harper College
  23. Citing Generative AI-Murdoch University
  24. How to Handle AI in Schools-Common Sense Media
  26. Chat GPT
  27. Conker
  28. Exploring Conker.AI: The AI Revolution in Quiz Creation
  29. Claude
  30. Eduaide.AI
  31. Eduaide.AI Features
  32. Open AI
  33. Curipod.com
  34. Teacher’s AIde
  35. Explain Like I’m Five – AI Problem Solving (3 tokens per day)
  36. AlmanackAI
  37. Perplexity
  38. Diffit for Teachers
  39. ClassPointAI
  40. Formative AI
  41. MagicSchool.ai
  42. QuestionWell
  43. Scholarcy
  44. TeacherToolsGPT
  45. teachology.ai
  46. Mentimeter
  47. AI Tools for Teacher Presentations
  48. 11 Best AI Tools for Teachers VIDEO
  49. Pop AI- Creates the presentation for you from PDF or pictures

AI Videos

Interviews and Panels about AI and Ethics

  1. Elon Musk Calls for Artificial Intelligence Pause – CBS News
  2. Elon Musk on Sam Altman and ChatGPT: I am the reason OpenAI exists – CNBC
  3. Elon Musk tells Tucker potential dangers of hyper-intelligent AI – Fox News
  4. Artificial intelligence experts are calling for a six-month pause – ABC News Australia
  5. Artificial Intelligence: Real Concern Or Fear Mongering? – Business News
  6. Is a ban on AI technology good or harmful? – 60 Minutes Australia

Technology Shows and Tutorials

  1. ChatGPT: Artificial Intelligence, chatbots and a world of unknowns – 60 Minutes
  2. The AI revolution: Google’s developers on the future of artificial intelligence – 60 Minutes
  3. ChatGPT Tutorial: How to Use Chat GPT For Beginners 2023 – Charlie Chang YouTube
  4. Meet Amica: The World’s Most Advanced Robot – This Morning

Education and Plagiarism in the AI Era

  1. [Pedagog.ai] Apr 26 Webinar: How to Craft AI Proof Assignments & Policies – Pedagog.ai YouTube
  2. [Pedagog.ai] Apr 12 Webinar: How Students Are Using AI to Plagiarize & Responses to It Starting at 7:50 – Pedagog.ai YouTube

Commercial Use of AI

  1. CNBC: Authors Sue Open AI, allege their books were used to train ChatGPT without their consent
  2. Descript: Can you copyright the content you make with generative AI?
  3. Forbes: Who Ultimately Owns Content Generated by Chat GPT
  4. Stanford NLP: Ethical and Social Issues in Natural Language Processing from Stanford- links in course very informative